“Papers are usually a minimum of twenty pages.”

“Presentations should be at least 45 minutes long.”

“The PowerPoint needs to have at least 30 slides.”

Welcome to the collegiate world, where the lectures run long, and the student presentations run even longer.

Students are accustomed to using needless words to stretch their writing. They are encouraged to speak to fill space and time. But what will happen when students are turned loose in the real world?

They will have to get to the point. Fast.

New hires must adjust from traditional communication dogma to 21stcentury workplace expectations. In the business world, what matters most is time. No boss has time for long-winded explanations or unnecessary details. For example, positions like “Social Media Coordinators” are being hired based on their prowess for using 140 characters- not 140 pages.

Small changes can go a long way in the pursuit of brevity. It’s imperative to constantly practice the discipline of being short and sweet. Practice makes perfect, and your homework is to take the time in your daily life to be more brief. Pair down your text messages, edit your emails, and make your point quickly when speaking to others.

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