BRIEF Boot camp enrollment closes today

Today is the last day to enroll in the BRIEF Boot camp online course to help busy professionals say more with less.

If you’re tired of colleagues and bosses tuning you out, if you struggle to make a clear point without rambling in conversations, meetings or emails…or simply looking to develop as a professional and perfect your communication skills…then this course was made for you.

Here’s what the last class had to say:

“It exceeded my expectations and now I use it everyday”
– James Searing, Director of Compliance

“The course helps you focus on communicating efficiently so others will pay attention.”

– Sharon Ford, Change Mgmt Manager

“Effective communication is the lifeblood of our business. BRIEF helps make that happen.”
– Shawn Herbig, President & Founder of IQS Research

It’s not too late, simply register before 6pm.

Click here to register.

Excited to have you!
– The BRIEF Lab Team

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