Effective and efficient communicators start their journey here

People are inundated with information. It makes them impatient, inattentive and distracted. So, how do you get through? How do you make sure your message is heard and understood?

In this workshop, you will develop an awareness of BRIEF, learn the basics and the theory behind it, and begin to put the essentials of BRIEF into practice. Watch the video below to learn more.

Workshop Takeaways

In this full-day workshop, you’ll get:

  • An introduction to the BRIEF Basics, as well as the theory and language of Brevity
  • An understanding of why BRIEF is essential to business in the world today
  • An in-depth exploration of Narrative Mapping and BRIEF Mapping
  • A knowledge of the practical tools essential to preparing and executing lean communication
  • Practice in the use and application of the BRIEF Basics, Narrative Mapping, BRIEF Mapping and related skills
  • A fun and highly engaging learning experience
  • Lunch, of course!