Introduction to BRIEF – The Art of the Elevator Speech

This workshop will start you on the path to fluency and mastery of the BRIEF methodology, mindset and skillsets. You will develop an awareness of BRIEF, learn the basics and the theory behind it and begin to put the essentials of BRIEF into practice.


This workshop will teach you how to prepare and deliver clear and concise presentations and learn new ways to inform and influence your audience. You will focus on preparation, use Narrative and BRIEF Mapping and translate the BRIEF basics into new forms of visual presentation skills using images, icons, infographics, PowerPoint, physical objects, analogies, anecdotes, etc., to convey your message convincingly.


Whatever our profession, we all write. Whether you’re publishing a novel, composing an email, or sending a tweet, you are judged by your ability to write. This workshop equips you with the skills necessary to be brief and precise in your writing.


As a manager, you need to be a master of brevity in matters related to company mission, vision, meetings, progress reports, sharing bad news and feedback, interviewing, small talk, goal setting, etc. This workshop will help you speak the language of brevity in all its applications. You will learn the importance of BRIEF, how it impacts your business and the necessary methodology, mindset and skillsets of BRIEF.


This workshop equips you with the skills necessary to navigate the social media waters with ease. You not only learn about different forms of media and how to approach them with the BRIEF methodology, mindset and skillsets, but you also practice, play and experience different forms of media throughout the workshop.

The BRIEF Lab Difference

The BRIEF Lab is committed to the intention that you come out different from when you went in: You look at the world in a different way. You have a heightened awareness of what you’re saying, why you’re saying it, and how it is being heard. You have the discipline and decisiveness to trim. And people notice the difference.

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