There are a few things that can help you as a professional to be more efficient and effective when communicating important ideas and initiatives. Each of these will help you stand out in a crowded attention economy:

  1. Buy the book: Brief is a manual for mastering the art of getting to the point. It tackles why, how and where to use this discipline.
  2. Dive in: Brief makes it easy for you to enter and exit – so pick it up and jump right in. After only a few pages, you’ll have something to work on.
  3. Share it: By talking about brevity (briefly, of course), you can begin to spread an accountability to those around you that you expect them and yourself to improve.
  4. Commit: When you uncover an insight or a specific point in a chapter that triggers an area to tackle, commit to making a a specific change in your daily life.
  5. Live it: Brevity is an area we can all improve, no matter how much we think we are working on it. There’s always room for us to make it easier for those around us.


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