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Second Facility Set to Expand Lean Communication to Midwest Business Leaders

Chicago, Illinois – Chicago is now set to learn that brevity has a seat at the boardroom table.

Sheffield, a boutique marketing agency headquartered in suburban Chicago, today announced the launch of its second The BRIEF Lab in Downers Grove, Illinois. The new 2,500-square foot facility will provide professional development and training workshops to master the art of getting to the point. Sheffield opened its first facility in Southern Pines, NC to serve its client, U.S. Special Operations near Ft. Bragg.

“There is a new leadership expectation that to succeed professionally one must learn to be brief,” said Joseph McCormack, managing director and founder. “The BRIEF Lab is designed to empower executives and business leaders to get their ideas across clearly and concisely through the insights and experience we have developed while working with U.S Special Operations and other successful business leaders.”

McCormack, author of the upcoming book, Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less (John Wiley & Sons), currently provides hands-on workshops for clients like BMO Harris Bank, USG Corporation, Jones Lang LaSalle, W.W. Grainger, and U.S. Special Operations Command.

“We’re excited about opening our next facility in Chicago,” says McCormack. “This is a no nonsense city. Companies here understand the value of keeping it short and sweet. It can make or break a deal.”

The BRIEF Lab will offer one or two-day workshops for individual professionals and leadership teams. The first courses, Intro to BRIEF and BRIEFings, provide challenging practical exercises to raise awareness and discipline to master brevity in professional settings.

Participants can achieve levels of certification in lean communication with the above courses, as well as through additional workshops, BRIEF Management and BRIEF Media.

The Brief Lab’s workshops will begin December 12th. Please visit for a complete list of workshops.

About The BRIEF Lab

The BRIEF Lab is a business unit of the Sheffield Company that helps professionals become lean communicators. The BRIEF Lab will offer a variety of workshops, seminars and personal coaching at its suburban Chicago, IL and Southern Pines, NC facilities. Participants can achieve levels of certification in BRIEF methodologies through such courses such as the Intro to BRIEF: the Art of the Elevator Speech, BRIEFings, BRIEF Management, BRIEF Media and the Advanced Course. Managing director and founder, Joseph McCormack, is author of a new book, BRIEF: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less (John Wiley & Sons, 2014).

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