Brief Practitioner Program to Turn Executives into Lean Communicators, Change Agents

The Brief Lab, a specialty institute that helps professionals gain mastery as lean communicators, celebrates its first anniversary with a new website and the launch of its first online certification program, Brief Practitioner.

The Brief Practitioner curriculum is for professionals who want to join the “less-is-more” movement by becoming certified in a systematic approach to becoming lean communicators. The online course is designed for individuals who want to be change agents, spreading the methodology throughout their organizations. It is both practical and enjoyable at the same time.

Information Overload

Photo: Joe McCormack

Joe McCormack, managing director of The Brief Lab and author of “Brief.”

The average American consumes more than 100,000 words of information each day, and the average professional receives more than 300 emails per week. The only way to survive in business today is to be a lean communicator. Buried in information and barraged by non-stop interruptions, executives don’t have time to waste. Attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds.

“Brevity requires three skills: awareness, discipline and decisiveness,” said Joe McCormack, managing director of The Brief Lab and author of Brief. “The Brief Practitioner curriculum is actionable, and participants will notice an immediate difference in their ability to communicate clearly and concisely.”

Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less

The Brief Lab offers several workshops based upon the book, Brief:Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less, released in February 2014. Since then, The Brief Lab has worked with national clients such as: Mastercard, Harley Davidson, DuPont, Northern Trust, and clients from U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) to help them simplify complex ideas and communicate effectively when people are inattentive, distracted and buried with information.

Brief: Book Image

Since its release, the book has been featured in national media such as CBS This Morning, FOX & Friends, FORTUNE, Forbes and Fast Company. It is being translated into several languages including: Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish.

“We’re gaining momentum and growing our registered community every day,” McCormack said. “Professionals are realizing that this is an essential skill that everyone needs to master.”

About The Brief Lab

The Brief Lab makes it easy for small teams of executives to discover how to master brevity and create a noticeable shift within their organizations. A shift from information overload to brief, concise and relevant meetings, presentations, emails and sales pitches. A shift from “winging it,” to controlled conversations. If you’re a professional who wants to stand out and save time, or a leader who is identified as an overachiever and wants to be responsible for causing positive change within your organization, The Brief Lab is for you.

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