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A recent survey of professionals, completed by The BRIEF Lab, revealed an interesting tendency: the more switched on we are technologically, the more turned off we are mentally. Results indicated that technology is the enemy of focus, with only 26% of those polled actually thinking technology improves communication. It was also discovered that quiet time is slowly slipping away, with 64% of respondents reporting having less than two hours a day of quiet, uninterrupted activity. Additionally, the survey revealed that professionals now view email as noise. Sixty percent reported half or more of the emails received per day as useless.
So, how do we as professionals combat these trends?
Joe McCormack, founder of The BRIEF Lab, suggests these three habits: live the 7-to-7 Rule, practice the 11-Minute Unplug, and become a member of the Preferred Senders Club.

BRIEF Report

BRIEF Report

Report assessment of the magnitude tech plays on our attention


Tuning In, Tuning Out: Technology is the New Noise

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