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Let’s face it: The way we communicate at work is broken, and it’s holding your teams back. There’s just too much noise generated and consumed every day. It slows us down. If you’re ready to set an elite standard for your team, BRIEF Programs are for you.

  • BRIEF Team Builder SM
  • BRIEF Sales Communication Program SM
  • BRIEF Message Alignment Program SM

All programs provide you with a proven way forward, clear expectations and a common language to think, speak and act as BRIEF communicators. BRIEF Programs combine a series of in-person workshops, online webinars, and/or keynote sessions that go deep into the BRIEF methodology.

BRIEF Programs

our programs

brief team builder SM

Your team will be well-positioned to move quickly and efficiently through projects. They’ll get the information they need, set clear expectations, and manage existing workflow with greater efficiency.

  • Communication as a core strength: your team will have more powerful conversations, emails, meetings, pitches, presentations and updates
  • A better experience for customers and team members
  • Greater efficiency and output
  • BRIEF Level 1 Certification

BRIEF Sales Communication Program SM

Help your team accelerate the sales process by teaching them how to make every interaction count. You will improve the quality and quantity of their communication so buyers don’t tune them out.

  • Write emails that provoke a response
  • Have conversations that are intentional, structured and purposeful
  • Make succinct, powerful pitches that move the needle

brief message alignment program SM

When leadership teams are not aligned, results suffer. Rally your organization around a clear and consistent message so that everyone from the leadership team to employees are on the same page.

  • Engage leadership and employees with a clear brand purpose to enable growth
  • Enable employees to communicate key messages clearly and succinctly with peers and customers
  • Align product, sales and marketing teams and make it simple for them to explain the value proposition of a new product suite

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Customize what works for you

While existing programs cover a lot of ground, we build bespoke programs for many of our clients. Please let us know when you need a program for a specific circumstance.

BRIEF Programs

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