Is concise communication a strength or weakness for your team?

Almost every leader we talk to complains about information overload, long-winded meetings, emails and conversations or the feeling that there’s just not enough time in the day to get all the work done. Every one of these issues boils down to the team. They are not equipped to communicate effectively and efficiently in a world of shrinking attention spans and interruptions. That’s why we created a simple tool called “The BRIEF Team Test” to help leaders decide if it’s time to take action to help their teams. There are several leading indicators that your team is struggling with brevity.

Signs your team is struggling:

• Meetings regularly run long.

• Conversations consistently have no clear point.

• Excessive email with no clear call to action.

• A lot of communication with no results

Maybe you feel the pain, but are unsure of how to address it and where to start. Try the BRIEF Team Test to find out where your team struggles and take an easy first step toward making brevity an essential skill.

The BRIEF Team Test has two parts

Brevity Communication Survey
You’ll fill out a quick survey and receive your brevity score to get a baseline average of where your team stands.

 BRIEF Team Discussion Guide
Over a series of small-group sessions you can introduce some or all of the 5 key communication topics for careful consideration.

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