Concise writing skills for purposeful professionals

“Omit needless words.” All effective writers follow this wise advice provided years ago by Will Strunk and E.B. White in the book “Elements of Style.” One of the hardest skills to learn in the corporate and business world is how to write well. We learned how to write in school of class, but when we sat down in the office, everything changed. Remember college? No doubt you spent many a long night trying to stretch a seven-page paper to the top of the tenth page.

The problem is, in school we were taught that the longer our writing is, the better. In the professional and business world, however, the opposite is true. Now the skill is not making less into more, but saying more with less.

Whatever our profession, we all write. Whether you’re publishing a novel, composing an email, or sending a tweet, you are judged by your ability to write. Where can you learn how to be brief and precise in your business writing? At The BRIEF Lab.