If you asked ten leaders to explain your key message,

how many answers would you get?

Critical priorities only succeed when there is clarity and alignment around a core message. Without it, teams get easily confused and key initiatives stall. But, when leaders have a clear, consistent narrative, their organization can rally around it. More buy-in, higher engagement, quicker implementation, and improved results will follow.

We specialize in getting teams aligned quickly. In fact, that is why we started this business in 2006. We’ve done it for dozens of Fortune 500 business, high growth organization and elite military organizations.

So, how aligned is your team?

Alignment begins when you convene leadership to build a narrative together and then share it across the organization.

Our clients find this program to be an invaluable way to keep their organizations on track

What you get:


    It’s a relief to know my team ‘gets it’ and is pushing in the same direction.


    We get quicker results and we spend less time in meetings talking about the same things.


    Our target seems more attainable now that we’re all on the same page.

  • Less frustration and rework

    We get quicker results and we spend less time in meetings talking about the same things.


    Aligning our management team has elevated the conversation.


    My employees now clearly understand our vision and how they fit in.

How we achieve it:

Determine severity of misalignment

Survey core group of leaders to define where misalignment exists and what is at risk if the issues aren’t addressed. Clarify the desired objectives and outline critical factors for success.

Convene leaders to define core narrative

Facilitate a collaborative Narrative Mapping Session (half day) to define a unified message and guidelines with the leadership team.

Ensure leaders tell the story consistently

A half-day workshop to ensure the leadership team can easily and authentically share the story in their own words and bring it to life with relevant examples.


Leverage the power of the BRIEF Methodology to equip a core group of employees to tell the story effectively and efficiently.

Launch story to the team

Share the story with the broader team through a series of webinars, live exercises or break-out workshops.

Gauge progress and adjust as needed

Measure progress over time and identify gaps, opportunities and ways to accelerate momentum.

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