Give your team a way to communicate
clearly and concisely

Senior executives and their teams are struggling and frustrated. They spend too much time communicating and not enough getting work done. They’re drowning in meetings, excessive emails and unclear updates. They can’t focus on their most important priorities. Leaders are deeply concerned because decisions slow down and so do results.

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BRIEF is a proven approach for teams

This online remote learning program is based on the award-winning book “BRIEF: Make a bigger impact by saying less” by Joe McCormack. It’s the same methodology we teach to elite U.S. Special Operation units and Fortune 500 companies across the country. The program is simple, practical and engaging.

Let’s change the conversation!


  • "It exceeded my expectations and now I use it every day."

    James Searing Director of Compliance
  • “I learned how to increase productivity in meetings and reduce the amount of time needed.”

    Janet O. Westra MRO Buyer
  • “The course helps you focus on communicating efficiently so others will pay attention.”

    Sharon Ford Change Management Manager
  • “Effective communication is the lifeblood of business. BRIEF helps make that happen.”

    Shawn Herbig President & Founder of IQS Research



Breakthrough and be heard

They’ll be ready to deliver every message, verbal or written, to bosses, colleagues and clients with confidence.

Deliver concise updates

Ready to explain a project and its status at any moment. They’ll think, speak and act more strategically because they know what information to deliver and what to trim.

Give presentations with a point

No one remembers 50 slide presentations. They’ll trim the fat and focus only on the essentials.

Have clear conversations

Leave every conversation with a sense of purpose and clear direction. Teams will leverage the BRIEF tools to prepare for the most important conversations.

Write tighter emails

Short emails are associated with the most powerful people. Did you know Apple CEO Steve Jobs was famous for short emails?

Lead efficient meetings

They’ll cut meetings in half and make sure their time is productive and action oriented. They will recognize how and when to contribute in a meeting, and do so without derailing the entire conversation.


How much is unclear communication costing you? How many times will your team get tuned out because they can’t get to the point quickly? How many repeat meetings, presentations and conversations are you willing to sit through? How many important initiatives will fail because they lack clear direction? Does your team have the right skills, tools and habits to succeed in a world of “Too much information”?

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But I don’t have a team!

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P.S. For over 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams to help them communicate effectively so they stop wasting each others’ time. From Microsoft to the Navy SEALs, every team leader I know struggles with poor team communication. That’s why the BRIEF online boot camp exists, to make this problem go away.

– Charley Thornton, Senior Facilitator