Professionals should be able to deliver a clear and concise message with power and purpose but employees — or teams that are far-flung — can be hampered by the sheer volume of emails, meetings and conference calls they encounter daily to do their jobs.

The BRIEF Lab offers distinct complimentary Webinars to get the conversation started during these key moments when lean communication is necessary.

BRIEF Weekly Webinars are not only free but also designed to strengthen remote teams and teach them how to stop producing and consuming noise, so that they can communicate confidently and concisely in a world that is attention-starved, restless and inundated with information.

How to manage tough conversations
12:30 - 1:00pm CST
Difficult conversations are painful to give and even more painful to get. How would you handle firing someone, giving critical feedback, or telling a colleague they missed a promotion? This webinar will introduce you to the keys to having tough conversations by exploring the impact of when they are too long and poorly organized, and discover practical steps to make them effective and less painful. After this 30-minute webinar, you will understand how to manage the tough conversation process from start to finish.
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12:30 - 1:00pm CST
Stories have an ability to capture attention and imagination. Information isn’t inherently interesting – we need to find a better way to connect when we communicate. This 30-minute webinar will introduce you to the power of narratives by exploring the way the mind craves them, and discovering how and where to use them to your benefit. Attendees leave with an understanding of how stories provide greater control.
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