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We are in an unnerving moment in history: information is becoming more of a threat than a reward.

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and smart watches. Screens in cars, airports, gas stations, classrooms, offices, hospitals, and hotels. The constant buzzing of a 24-hour news cycle. The list goes on.
What? Did you just miss that? Maybe you got another text, news alert, or notification?

Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed a deep erosion of focus that’s causing a negative impact in all areas of life. My first book, BRIEF: Make a bigger impact by saying less, was dedicated to helping people communicate effectively, cutting through the clutter so they can be heard. But when it comes to the Information Age’s greatest challenge, this is only one side of the coin.

The other side is learning how to avoid tuning in to nonstop static in an always-on, connected life. How can we stay mentally focused when faced with such information inundation? This question was my inspiration in writing my newest book, NOISE: Living and Leading When Nobody Can Focus (Wiley).

In writing this book, my goal was to put you back in control of the noise in your life. I share innovative best practices for defending the modern mind from daily distractions, useless information, and mindless chatter. It’s an old-school approach to a new-world problem, both pragmatic and straightforward. It’s designed to help you, your friends, family, and colleagues deal with a serious issue to help tune out the non-stop static and dial in to what really matters.

To learn more about Noise, watch the short video trailer. 

If your brain is overstuffed, overstimulated, and your “new normal” just doesn’t feel like you’re living your best life, I urge you to go on this journey with me. I am dedicated to helping you press the mental reset button.

Noise will be released December 1st, and it is currently available for pre-sale. 

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Thank you to everyone who has supported me in creating this book! I truly appreciate you.



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