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An Elite Communication Standard

Professional leaders recognize the value of concise communication as a core skill that sets them apart. Brevity forces clearer thinking, which leads to better decisions and results.

Reduce time spent in meetings, briefings and your “inbox”

Make better decisions faster based on clear, consistent information

Develop consensus that unifies effort and encourages follow-through

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness

Ensure clarity to reduce confusion and re-work

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Number of times per hour that professionals check their email

Average interruptions per day that professionals experience

Average attention span of professionals in seconds

Number of times professionals check their phones per day

Our BRIEF Offerings

Embrace concise communication and develop a culture of brevity.

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Embrace a Culture of Brevity.

BRIEF Meetings

Learn to run shorter, more meaningful meetings that lead to decisive action.

BRIEF Writing

Write concisely so people will read.

Quiet Works for BRIEF Teams

Apply Quiet Time to Make BRIEF Practices Stick

BELT: BRIEF Experiential Learning Technique

Learning doesn’t have to be so lame!


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The BRIEF Lab has transformed communication for teams like yours – let us show you how to achieve an elite standard of communication in your organization.


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The 3 C’s of Communication: Clear, Concise, Consistent

The 3 C's of Communication: Clear, Concise, Consistent When it comes to effective communication, the 3 C's - Clear, Concise, and Consistent are essential. In this blog, we will discuss what these 3 C's of communication are and why they matter so much in our daily...

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace In a workplace where teamwork and collaboration are essential for success, emotional intelligence is a critical skill. It is important for team building and also promotes healthy relationships with colleagues and clients. Here,...

What is Active Listening?

What is Active Listening?

What is Active Listening? Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person wasn't really listening to what you were saying? Maybe they were distracted, thinking about their own response, or just not interested. It is frustrating and even discouraging. But...