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About The BRIEF Lab

The BRIEF Lab provides professional development training services for corporations and military organizations that want to learn to use elite communications skills as a competitive advantage and to maintain focus in a world where attention is our most precious personal resource.

We offer a robust curriculum — including in-person workshops and online webinars — at our offices in suburban Chicago and Southern Pines, NC. The vision of the organization is to introduce clarity where there is clutter, helping leaders and teams acquire the discipline of clear communication at a higher level above the static.

The lobby of The BRIEF Lab in Southern Pines, NC

Who Needs Brevity?

Anyone in a leadership role — or anyone who aspires to one — can benefit from learning the BRIEF methodology and putting it into practice throughout the organization. In fact, organizations such as Harley-Davidson, Boeing, Mastercard, Microsoft, and U.S. Special Operations Command count on us to help their leaders develop a culture of brevity as their teams pursue mastery of lean communication.

When you embrace concise communication and develop a culture of brevity, you’ll save time, make faster and better decisions, develop stronger consensus and improve operational efficiency.

A BRIEF History

The BRIEF Lab evolved from an agency begun by Joe McCormack at The Sheffield Company, a specialty marketing agency that provided consulting and video production services for corporations.

In 2011, Joe was invited to develop a unique curriculum for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Ft.Bragg, NC to teach special operators how to communicate clearly and concisely.

In early 2013, Joe wrote a book, BRIEF: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less, that set the stage for The BRIEF Lab as we know it. Five years later, Joe introduced his next book NOISE: Living and leading when nobody can focus (Joseph McCormack, Wiley, 2020).

Today, The BRIEF Lab is the leading provider of curriculum and coursework that develops concise communication as a core skill for leaders and teams who need to operate at a high level with an elite standard.