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Living and leading when nobody can focus

Defend the modern mind from daily distractions, useless information and mindless chatter

Our lives have become filled with noise. Our days are spent constantly consuming information, most of which distracts and slows us down. Our minds have become divided and weakened by spending too much time with addictive technology – weapons of mass distraction – that diminishes our ability to focus.

NOISE is a book that puts people back in control. It’s an old-school approach to a new-world problem, both pragmatic and straightforward. It’s designed to help you, your friends, family and colleagues deal with a serious issue to help tune out the non-stop static and dial into what really matters.

Rather than mindlessly and habitually check for another text, swipe to answer another alert or give into the distracting demands of digital devices, you can filter the noise and quiet the clamor.

How can you focus when there is so much noise?

At work, our world is flooded with constant information and non-stop distractions.
At home, we’re juggling more of the same. Our attention is being hijacked by noise.

How can NOISE work for you?

“Noise: Living and leading when nobody can focus” Provides an old-school approach to a new-world problem. Not only do we need to tackle these sober challenges, but also embrace a systematic “AM/FM” and “pre-set” program that the book outlines as a first-step to regaining and improving our attention.

  • Recognize how easily your mind is overwhelmed by information and electronic devices
  • Learn powerful life lessons that showcase the risks we face professionally and personally
  • Understand how to strengthen your mind’s power to filter out constant distractions
  • Improve the ways people around you can focus when they’re mindlessly distracted
  • Access a practical action plan that you can use to defend yourself every day

Joe McCormack

The author of NOISE and the founder of The Brief Lab Joe, is on a mission to help organizations master lean communication. In an age of shrinking attention spans, non-stop interruptions, and floods of information, the messages business and military leaders send out are getting lost in a sea of words.

He speaks at diverse industry and client forums on the topics of brevity, storytelling, change and leadership. A passionate leader, he founded The BRIEF Lab in 2013 after years dedicated to developing and delivering a unique curriculum on executive communications for U.S. Army Special Operations Command (Ft. Bragg, NC). He actively counsels military leaders and senior executives on effective, efficient communication and produces a weekly podcast series called “Just Saying”.


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