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At The BRIEF Lab, we recognize that becoming an elite communicator means using the BRIEF methodology in a variety of applications. As a community member, you now have free access to a powerful set of BRIEF tools that will help you navigate different circumstances and moments. By downloading some or all of these tools, you are making a conscious decision to make concise communication a core strength. Congratulations! Please don’t hesitate to let us know how else we can assist.

You will now gain access to:

  • BRIEF Worksheets: BRIEF Maps; DRAFT Cards; BRIEF Meeting Prep Cards; etc.
  • Book Excerpts: chapter selections from “BRIEF: Make a bigger impact by saying less” and “NOISE: Living and leading when nobody can focus.”
  • Reference Documents and Infographics: BRIEF Fact Sheet; NOISE Survival Guide; Cost of Poor Communication; and more
  • Short Videos: Headlining; Trimming; Flagging; and more
  • White papers and reports: Managing Noise in a Time of Crisis; Staying Visible When Working Remote; etc.
  • “Just Saying” Podcast Season Summaries: Seasons 1 thru 5

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