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Every professional should be able to deliver a clear and concise message with impact. But remote employees — or teams that are far-flung — can be hampered by the sheer volume of emails, meetings and conference calls they encounter every day.

BRIEF Webinars are designed to strengthen remote teams dispersed across the country or across the globe. In a BRIEF Webinar series, your teams will learn how to stop producing and consuming noise, and communicate confidently and concisely in a world that is attention-starved, restless and inundated with information.

The BRIEF Lab offers three distinct Webinar series to help teams master concise communication. Each series is comprised of three 60-minute webinars designed for teams of up to several hundred people.

webinar series

brief fundamentals SM

In this introductory series, your team will learn the basics of:


Developing and delivering a clear point up front

BRIEF Mapping:

Developing visual outlines to organize key thoughts


Knowing how to omit excessive information

brief writing SM

In this series, your team will learn to dramatically improve three of the most common forms of written business communications:

BRIEF Emails:

Creating emails that get opened and get to the point

BRIEF Meeting Recaps:

Capturing the essential discussion points to summarize progress

BRIEF Performance Reviews:

Telling the story of one’s strengths and weaknesses concisely

brief leadership SM

In this series, your team will learn to use the BRIEF methodology to make an organizational impact by impacting business objectives:

Managing Tough Conversations:

Developing and delivering bad news professionally and succinctly to minimize misunderstandings and ensure optimal results

Pitching a New Idea:

Crafting a message that captures attention and leads to deeper interest, understanding and faster decisions

BRIEF Project Updates:

Communicating only the essential points so that leaders always have an accurate picture of issues, obstacles and progress

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