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Pitch a Bright Idea

In this week’s episode of my Just Saying podcast, Pitching a Bright Idea, I discuss why logic — more than passion or enthusiasm — should be the driving force when you’re selling a bright idea to colleagues or clients.
Have you ever been in a conversation where someone passionately pitches their idea, but doesn’t ask your opinion? Or maybe they start hyping the big idea without providing any context as to “why you should care” or “what problem the idea solves”? It might be a fantastic insight, but the speaker is completely unaware that you’re not really “on-board.” They expect you to get excited, but they missed a critical step: you don’t get it.
Passionate they may be, but informative, not so much.

Lead With the Need

Here’s the thing: You may have spent weeks or months getting ready to pitch your idea, but your audience probably is hearing it for the first time. Allow logic to precede persuasion, and provide a careful explanation of the need: give them the “why,” and the “so what?” Provide the necessary background, and when the benefits of your idea become self-evident, your audience will be as excited as you are.

Here’s How to Pitch a Bright Idea

In Pitching a Bright Idea you’ll learn:

  • When selling an idea, enthusiasm is the last piece, not the first.
  • Logic is critical: give them them “the “why,” and the “so what?”
  • Let people get excited with you, not because of you.

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