Why Commit to Lean Communication?

When you embrace concise communication and develop a culture of brevity, your organization will:

  • Reduce time spent in meetings, briefings, and your “inbox”
  • Make faster decisions based on clearer, more consistent information
  • Develop stronger consensus that unifies effort
  • Enhance understanding of mission and message
  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness

And, when you’re ready for a deeper dive for even more BRIEF expertise, check out our BRIEF Team Builder SM and BRIEF Sellers Communication programs SM.


Designed for Organizations and Small Teams

Our courses are designed and delivered for specific client organizations. Though periodically we offer open enrollment for in-person and online courses, the vast majority of our courses are delivered to teams of 12-20 people.

The reason is simple: participants learn more, faster.

Additionally, ongoing coursework can serve as a team offsite to strengthen and unify the team.

In-Person, Online & Blended Learning

We believe the best learning happens by doing. Our workshops are highly experiential, dynamic and fun. Participants engage in intensive exercises that pull them out of their comfort zone and accelerate breakthrough learning.

The BRIEF Lab is designed to facilitate this transformation in a comfortable and positive learning
environment. In-person and at one of our locations is the ideal. However, we can also deliver courses on-site or online.


Brevity is in high demand

Speaking clearly and in concise terms can be mastered just like English, Chinese, Arabic or French. And when it is, you and your ideas will make a greater impact.

At The BRIEF Lab, we have designed a curriculum for professionals to master the essential skill of lean communication and manage the constant noise of information overload. It is based on three levels.

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