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Embrace a Culture of Brevity

BRIEF 101 is a concise communication course that will teach your team to communicate clearly and with confidence.

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Brevity For The Win

Our work environment is filled with a flood of complex information. and much of it is duplicative, irrelevant, effort-intensive, and inconsistent.

Employees feel it is pointless to keep track of the information blasted at them, and many spend their days attending meetings with no time to think, plan, or work.

It’s time to embrace a culture of brevity.

Learn About BRIEF 101

Watch as Charley Thornton explains the framework and benefits of BRIEF 101.

The BRIEF 101 Outcomes Include

Reduced time spent in meetings, briefings, and your inbox.

Make decisions faster, based on clear, consistent information.

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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How It Works

Participants gather for two days at The BRIEF Lab in Southern Pines, NC. The course is designed for up to 10 people and provides opportunities for one-on-one feedback.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the BRIEF methodology.

Practice concise communication in a series of exercises, both in-person and in our online classroom, BRIEFbridge

Resolve to implement a personal development plan for areas of improvement

Reflect on improvement in a post-workshop survey.

Post-course work reinforces the experience. Participants can return to BRIEFbridge to access BRIEF tools and resources.

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