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brief workshops for teams

How much time is wasted every day, week, or month due to meetings, conference calls and emails that are just too long, unfocused or unnecessary? How much re-work happens just because people don’t have a clear understanding about your directives?

In these in-person, hands-on, experiential workshops, we’ll teach your team to master concise communication, resulting in faster decisions, clarity of purpose and less wasted time and re-work. Instead of creating and consuming noise, your team will learn to communicate clearly and with confidence.

Each BRIEF Workshop is designed for teams of 12-20 people. The reason is simple: in a small group, participants learn more, faster. Ongoing coursework is collaborative and will strengthen your team as they work through it together.


Why Commit to Lean Communication?

Time is money, and efficiency is the name of the game. Your team will learn how to communicate important ideas the first time with:

  • Shorter meetings
  • Tighter emails
  • Purposeful conversations

And, when you’re ready for a deeper dive for even more BRIEF expertise, check out our BRIEF Team Builder SM and BRIEF Sales Communication Program SM.

BRIEF Workshops

Our most popular
workshops include:

Intro to BRIEF SM (BRIEF 101)

Tackle the three most prominent communications tendencies that make professionals seem confusing, complicated and disorganized.

BRIEF Writing<sup> SM</sup> (BRIEF 102)

BRIEF Writing SM (BRIEF 102)

Avoid the pitfalls of writing in an attention-starved, time-sensitive

Managing Tough Conversations<sup> SM</sup>

Managing Tough Conversations SM

Deliver critical feedback and address sensitive topics more effectively.

BRIEF Meetings<sup> SM</sup>

BRIEF Meetings SM

Run shorter, more meaningful meetings that lead to decisive action.

BRIEFEmails<sup> SM</sup>


Get your audience to read, understand and respond to your emails.

Quiet Works for BRIEF

Quiet preparation and planning will ensure your communication is consistently clear and concise.


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