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BRIEF progress reports: Two free lessons for your team

Nov 30, 2016 | BRIEF

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You need important information from your team members every week, if not every day. But what do you do when these conversations and emails take so much time that it pulls you away from your most important priorities? If you’re like most leaders we work with, you’re frustrated and tired of wasting several hours each week sitting through painfully long, unclear updates and progress reports from your team. It holds you back from leading effectively and getting real work done. That’s why we created a simple video course. It’s called BRIEF Team Updates: Two free lessons to cut progress reports in half!
I’m Charley Thornton, a lead instructor at The BRIEF Lab. In less than 10 minutes, I will teach you two new tools to cut and clarify team updates and progress reports. Click on the image below to watch a quick overview video and learn more.

Learn how to cut progress reports way down

Click to play video
P.S. These lessons are taken from same methodology we teach to elite Special Operations units like the Navy SEALs and Fortune 500 leadership teams around the country. I hope you’ll join us!

About the author: Charley Thornton is a lead instructor for The BRIEF Lab and the Sheffield Company. He specializes in conducting Narrative Mapping Workshops, BRIEF Workshops, creative planning and strategic consulting. He’s worked with top Fortune 500 companies from Harley Davidson to elite Special Operations Units within the military. Follow Charley on LinkedIn.



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