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Online live courses in concise communication 

virtual communication programs for remote teams

Strengthening clear communication for remote and hybrid organizations

Communication is the lifeblood of any high functioning organization. And for remote teams who work from home, the stakes are especially high. While remote workers have many opportunities to control their own environment and manage their time, there are also many hidden risks that can lead to a breakdown of continuity, visibility and productivity.

The quality and quantity of information are key.

Diverse online live course options

A virtual course is really an “online live” experience. The interaction is highly engaging because it’s delivered via streaming video, interactive chat, break-out rooms, and white boards via digital document cameras. The BRIEF Lab has designed several distinctive virtual courses for dispersed teams to communicate efficiently and effectively. Even if your team isn’t completely remote, you’ll find that the online live course format is an effective way to provide professional development for your team.

  • BRIEF Discovery Sessions Crash-courses on concise communication and noise management, writing and meetings. These sessions provide a quick overview of the BRIEF methodology for a wide portion of your team.
  • BRIEF 101 A concise communication course based on the books BRIEF: Make a bigger impact by saying less and NOISE: Living and leading when nobody can focus.
  • BRIEF Writing Fundamentals A series of online live lessons to teach participants practical techniques to think clearly and write effectively. Participants gain an introduction to the BRIEF methodology while learning a powerful way to write clearly and concisely. They also review common writing and grammar mistakes to avoid.

How each program is delivered 

Getting all this right doesn’t happen by accident, it happens with planning and preparation. The BRIEF Lab has specifically designed several distinctive programs for these types of dispersed teams to communicate efficiently and effectively:

  • BRIEF Virtual Discovery Sessions Crash-course on concise communication and noise management for remote workers
  • BRIEF Remote Workforce Communication Course How to work from home successfully
  • BRIEF Fundamentals Course Learn the basics of clear, concise and consistent communication
  • BRIEF Attention Management 101 Course How to manage the noise so you can think more clearly

How each course is delivered via BRIEFBridge℠

Each online live course is a unique combination of a live session followed by individual learning assignments to solidify the subject matter. Participants access live course links and course materials via BRIEFBridge℠, our secure, online classroom. Each course can last a half-day or up to several weeks depending on the organization and specific organizational objectives. All programs are broken into two core elements:

  1. Online live courses: Engaging, insightful and facilitated sessions tackling a specific tendency or technique to improve clear thinking and concise communication. Facilitators share their screen, use the document camera, engage with participants via the chatbox and utilize breakout rooms for group discussion.
  2. Individual learning assignments: After each course, participants complete a series of activities (reflecting, reading, listening, doing, etc.) that brings the live course topic to life.

The virtual curriculum is based on the insights, practices and methodologies of The BRIEF Lab’s founder Joe McCormack’s books (BRIEF: Make a bigger impact by saying less and NOISE: Living and leading when nobody can focus).

Virtual Program Offerings


In this program, participants are given a crash course in noise management and concise communication, typically delivered in two-hour sessions.

    • Noise management Recognizing the power and impact of distractions, disruptions and information overload on professionals, especially remote workers
    • Staying Visible Establishing a new cadence and discipline for staying more intentionally connected to superiors, peers and key contacts that are dispersed
    • Email Updates Getting more from the most used and abused communication channel
    • Running Virtual Meetings/Conference Calls Simple techniques to run more engaging meetings and calls while avoiding the risks of technology and poor preparation
    • Go Deeper The BRIEF Discovery Session On Writing and the BRIEF Discovery Session On Meetings complement the BRIEF Discovery Session with practical exercises and tools to write more clearly and run more effective meetings
    • Bundle for a Remote Communications Program The three discovery sessions can be bundled into a program to give your team a crash course in the skills they need to effectively work from home


In the online live version of BRIEF 101 (also available as an in-person course), participants typically complete a series of four 2.5-hour sessions. Participants practice the use and application of BRIEF basics, mapping, and noise management when preparing and executing any form of communication. Organizations can complete the course in 2 days or spread it out over several weeks.

Participants in BRIEF 101 will:

  • Gain An in-depth understanding of the BRIEF methodology
  • Practice Concise communication through a series of exercises
  • Sustain Learning by using The Standard as a reference tool
  • Engage In our online classroom, BRIEFBridge℠
  • Resolve To implement a personal development plan of areas for improvement
  • Reflect On improvement through a post-workshop survey


This course teaches participants practical techniques to think clearly and write effectively. It features four, online live sessions and a series of individual, work-from-home writing and reading assignments.

  • Noise Management A clearer understanding of the noise we are facing and how to manage it
  • Prepare your Writing A powerful technique to prepare for what you want to write so it’s clear and concise
  • Organize and Write Clearly Simple, proven strategies to ensure clear sentence structure
  • Avoid Common Mistakes The most common grammatical mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Trimming A simple logic for deciding how to trim excess information down to what is essential
  • Executive Summaries The key components of a good executive summary
  • Apply To Various Formats Participants will write emails, reports, reviews, proposals and plans that are logical and organized

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