Strategic Advisor, Market Development (part-time, to full-time potential)

Since writing the book “Brief: Make a bigger impact by saying less” I have been going non stop. Even though the demand for the value of concise communication is strong, my time to dedicate to new business development efforts is shrinking. 

I just can’t dedicate as much time to these efforts, as you can imagine. 

We are looking for a senior-level executive to help me open doors and manage new business development with corporate leaders for The Brief Lab. 

Here’s a quick sketch:

  • At a career juncture, tired of corporate rat race
  • Strong network and linked to leaders and connectors 
  • Interested in part-time to full time potential, flexible schedule
  • Passionate about our mission to help executives master brevity
  • Strong, compelling communicator
  • Motivated by financial upside/commission to take us to next level 
  • Lives in Chicago area

This is a two-fold opportunity: help take The Brief Lab to the next level and also help leaders and their organizations master lean communication .

Apply today 

The BRIEF Lab is an equal opportunity employer.

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