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Brief Essentials WebinarWhen was the last time you felt ready — really ready — to deliver a good status update at any moment? Does your team struggle to get to the point during important conversations or meetings?
If you and your team are ready to reap the benefits of concise, actionable status reports, the free Brief Essentials Webinar from The Brief Lab may be for you.

In fact, managers tell us that pointless progress reports and long team updates are one of the most painful parts of their week. They often leave a conversation feeling more confused or frustrated because they wasted valuable time searching for the point. It never came. There are a few consistent mistakes employees tend to make:

1. Bury the main point: Instead of starting with a clear headline, there’s a long backstory full of colorful detail that distracts the audience from the topic of the update

2. Get lost in the weeds: Many of the activities in status reports don’t need to be spelled out in so much detail

3. Focus on activities instead of results: Most of the information in a status report or team update is on a need to know basis and most of us do NOT need to know … unless it helps move work forward.

These common mistakes, plus several others, always lead to wasted time and frustration for managers and employees. The good news is that there a few simple tools and techniques you can learn to make updates clear and concise.

Charley Thornton, a partner at The Brief Lab, will lead this free webinar on Friday, Sept. 8 at 1:30pm CST. In it, you’ll learn:

Why effective status reports are such a big issue for leaders and where to start

* How a few minutes of preparation will save everyone hours of wasted time every week

* How to bring your main point to the beginning to ensure clarity

* How to trim long-winded, unnecessary details and deliver only meaningful, actionable information

* How you and your team team can speak and act more strategically

We’ll also share information about The Brief Lab’s online BRIEF Essentials course, and you’ll receive a discount when you join during the webinar.

Sign up now for The Brief Lab’s first Brief Writing Webinar! We look forward to seeing you!

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