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Stop right now and listen to what’s around you. What do you hear? Music? An alert from your phone? A news anchor chattering on the TV or radio?

The nonstop noise that surrounds us doesn’t abate. Our focus as a society is dwindling, and we’re becoming mentally anemic, consuming useless information with little value.

Clearly, there’s a need for more quiet in our day. Time to think, rest, reflect, and recharge. Time to take a deep breath and refocus on the things that are most important, while letting the rest go.

Quiet time tends to sound good in theory, but in reality, many of us dread silence because it has become so foreign. With the ever-present flow of updates and alerts, we have a perpetual fear of missing something.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time you left your phone at home or logged out of your email account during the workday to devote your attention to a single project? How did you feel?

One of my goals in publishing Noise: Living and leading when nobody can focus was to bring awareness to this pandemic. I want to encourage people to start embracing silence again.  We need it because we’re all overstimulated. Our attention needs to be freed, not fried.

The good news is you don’t have to wait until Noise is released in December to start overcoming your fear. You can start today by downloading the first two chapters of Noise.

These chapters give you a sneak peek into the many sources of noise, so you can start identifying where it’s most prevalent in your own life – and why.

Download your sneak peek into the first two chapters of Noise.

It’s up to you to block out the invasive noise that makes your life chaotic inside and out.

Just remember – you’re not alone in this journey to embrace silence. Noise: Living and leading when nobody can focus, available for pre-sale now, is here to help, providing the earplugs you need to take control over the nonstop noise.

Thanks for your continued support, and I hope you enjoyed the sample chapters available through this blog post. If you did, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

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